HYTOPIA is a collaborative and independent video game built by various members of a community who have been at the forefront of Minecraft's modding and third-party games ecosystem for the past decade.

With the goal of addressing the limitations and gaps in creative expression within the Minecraft ecosystem and modernizing player experiences, HYTOPIA is a game and developer platform built from the ground up and takes inspiration from well-loved game mechanics that players have become familiar with. HYTOPIA's goal is to become "the next Minecraft".

Our mission is to encourage innovation and collaboration among a community of enthusiastic players, driven content creators, and helpful contributors in order to enable enchanting and boundless gaming experiences we have always desired from Minecraft, but Minecraft's lack of capabilities has prevented.

We are constructing an interconnected ecosystem comprising players, creators, and contributors by building a new game, engine and platform from the ground up. As well as technology, resources, and support needed for the community to create and relish a broad range of content and experiences. HYTOPIA's key features include:

Notable Features:

  • Free To Play - No account or game purchase required to play HYTOPIA games (servers).
  • Web & Desktop - Play HYTOPIA on your PC or in the web browser at native frame rates.
  • Familiarity First - Inspired by Minecraft, players will feel right at home in a familiar gameplay environment.
  • Community & Social - Head into your favorite HYTOPIA games with your friends by your side.
  • Player Expression - Extensive cosmetic systems for players to be themselves in every HYTOPIA game.
  • Creator-First - Extensive tooling for content creators and developers to build with no limitations.
  • Backwards Compatible with Minecraft - Connect and play your favorite Minecraft servers.
  • Built From Scratch - Developed in RUST, everything created by us.
  • Much More - Dive deeper into our documentation to learn more about HYTOPIA.