Development Overview

HYTOPIA's development is divided into four main stages. The **Alpha stage** is our initial development phase, focusing on building core features and functionality. Next, we will invite a select group of users to test HYTOPIA and provide feedback during our **Private Beta** stage. After the invite-only beta testing concludes, HYTOPIA's **Public Beta** will open for testing, allowing us to gather feedback, controllably roll out features, and adjust as needed. **HYTOPIA 1.0 (Full Release)** marks the successful completion of initial client and feature development and is where HYTOPIA is fully functional with all developer and creator tools and complete Minecraft version support.

The transition from public beta to full release will see a progressive rollout of HYTOPIA-specific features, allowing creators to adjust, provide feedback, and develop alongside the rollout. This progressive approach ensures a stable and feature-rich environment by the time of full release. At full release, HYTOPIA will support and offer the following with limited exceptions:

  • Custom Models: Creators can natively load and control custom models, eliminating the need for complex workarounds.
  • Custom Menus and Interfaces: HYTOPIA will support creating and using custom menus and interfaces, providing a flexible and intuitive developer experience.
  • Custom Blocks: Creators can implement infinite custom blocks, with plans to offer a supporting no-code GUI.
  • Custom Mobs: Creators can implement unique mobs, defining their behaviors, interactions, and appearances to design rich game dynamics, storytelling, and player engagement mechanics.
  • Support for Modern Minecraft Versions: As a Minecraft protocol-compatible client, HYTOPIA will support all modern versions of Minecraft. Ensures hands are free to create without version or compatibility limitations.
  • From-Scratch Server Software: Build on top of HYTOPIA's native & open server software to create limitless experiences for your players.
  • Server-Side Plugins: HYTOPIA will be fully compatible with server-side plugins, allowing for a seamless transition for server owners.
  • Client-Server Object Model Exchange Architecture: Facilitates the secure transmission and rendering of various custom objects, such as models, menus, textures, and scripts.
  • Protocol Extension API: This API introduces significant new features and functionality to the base protocol, providing comprehensive support for complex interactions, scripting, custom models, menus, and more.
  • Rich Modding Environment: HYTOPIA will offer a rich modding environment, empowering creators to build and bring their visions to life easily.
  • Custom Scripting & Animations with LUA: Efficient, flexible, and lightweight scripting through LUA will be supported, enabling creators to trigger custom animations, design unique games, and craft unique experiences.

Progressive Feature Rollout

Between the public beta launch and full release, we believe in a cooperative strategy to progressively roll out features alongside the community to ensure the stability, quality, and flexibility of each system and feature we release and ensure the most requested tools and functionality are prioritized accordingly.

A few brief notes on this approach:

  • Stability: Limit bugs and exploits by gradually introducing new features, ensuring each is stable and fully functional before moving on to the next.
  • Quality: We hold a high standard and will not compromise on quality. Progressively rolling out each feature gives ample time for rigorous internal and external community and creator testing.
  • Adapt and Learn: Creators building and leveraging the HYTOPIA ecosystem can adapt and learn each new feature's entire suite and possibilities by rigorously testing it before the next is introduced.
  • Feedback and Improve: Constant feedback loop with the community throughout each phase of the feature rollouts between public beta and full release to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.
  • Flexibility: We certainly aren't perfect; we anticipate mistakes and build in the ability to make changes and pivot the development strategy as needed.

Public Beta Launch Goals

For the Public Beta, our benchmark is a fully featured alternative to the Minecraft client, entirely interchangeable with version 1.8.9. This includes compatibility with server-side plugins and joining servers through HYTOPIA. Our goals for the public beta include launching with HYTOPIA creator cosmetic item support such that marketplace, creator, and in-game items are viewable and usable through the HYTOPIA client. 1.8.9, as a proof-of-concept version, is preferred for competitive pvp players and adopters of 3rd-party clients. The public beta launch lets you familiarize yourself with HYTOPIA's basic functionalities and start planning your creations. We understand that you're eager to dive in and start creating with the full scope of creator tools, and we are excited to get them in your hands. We want to set a few expectations as to what you can expect following the public beta:

Expectations Following Public Beta

We have laid the groundwork for the more complex and deeper systems following the public beta that are live in our internal alpha.

  1. Expect more modern Minecraft versions and protocols to be quickly supported
  2. Do not feel limited in what you can create currently
  3. The transition for server owners and existing content will be next to nothing
  4. Introducing new content to the point of replacing the entire game will be possible and supported