Ecosystem Overview

Modernized Game Engine

HYTOPIA's foundation rests on robust, modern technologies like RUST and Bevy for our game engine, enabling blazing-fast speeds on a versatile platform that runs seamlessly across all environments—PC, Mac, web browser, game console, and mobile devices.

Social Features & Player Identity

Friends lists, group chats, achievements, and more make it easier for players to engage, see what each other is up to, and participate in fun content. Social features and identity through cosmetic items are how players express themselves, connect, and interact in HYTOPIA and with creator content.

Creator Cosmetic Items

Creators can make unique wearable, equipable, emote, vanity tags, and other globally viewable cosmetics items distributed or sold in-game, through the HYTOPIA Marketplace, or in lootboxes. Items can be a game reward, achievement unlocks, listed by creators for sale, and traded between players. Read more about the [Item Marketplace]()

Unified Player Hub & Game Client

Players have a central access point to discover new creations and manage their HYTOPIA experience, including customizing their avatars, browsing playable Worlds, partying with friends, exploring creator content on the marketplace, in their inventories, sharing game achievements, and more. All functionality can be accessed in-browser, in-game, and the HYTOPIA downloadable game client.

Exposure & Visibility

Modernized UI for server pages and artist discoverability integrates global and server-specific marketplaces, gameplay footage/images, content tags, active friends playing, and more that help you stand out, grow, and retain. HYTOPIA showcases top games, highlights emerging titles, offers benchmark-based incentives, and has opportunities through various programs for all types of players and creators.

Monetization Systems & Approach

Favorable revenue splits on all creator content and royalties in perpetuity whenever a player re-sells one of their items. Our [Tauri]() implementation for custom UI through straightforward HTML/CSS makes tying in-game monetization through HYTOPIA (among countless other ways you can use this) extremely easy.

Secure Collaboration

Fostering secure multi-server Collaboration is facilitated smoothly using a HYTOPIA self-serve API. Creators can collaborate with other HYTOPIA game servers in several ways, including cross-promotion or incentivizing engagement (among countless others). For instance, a creator could design a hat that players can wear or keep in their inventory. This hat could serve as a multi-server role, available for a monthly fee.


Our creator-led governance approach allows creators to propose changes to HYTOPIA's features, systems, and player-creator relationships, fostering a democratic platform that supports a growing and flourishing community. Creators that contribute time, energy, and resources to the platform shape the future of HYTOPIA to ensure it evolves in a way that benefits all stakeholders.