About the Process

Each World and server is unique. Some might be games, experiences, social spots, adventure modes, or anything else. There is no "standard" or correct answer to the question, "What should I create?" Imagination is limitless.

As a starting point, here is a rough idea of the pieces, creators, and talent that work in tandem to design, build, and house a loyal player base that integrates and leverages the HYTOPIA ecosystem:


Developers are the backbone of your server. They make everything function, like plugins, scripting, backend server maintenance, etc. Certain aspects, such as working with HYTOPIAs systems for monetization and cross-server collaboration (among others), also require custom development.


Modelers create unique tools, weapons, bosses, pets, furniture, cars, etc. They use software like Blockbench to enhance the experience of the base game with custom 3D assets and content. Models are the foundation for cosmetic items within HYTOPIA and objects within your server, World, and build.

Art & Design

Artists and designers often create and overhaul standard game menus and user interfaces with awesome-looking custom pieces that give players and users immersive and stand-out experiences with your content. A unique art style and consistent design for all your World assets and GUIs are crucial to building your brand and identity.

Builds & Architecture

The meat and bones of any world is a good builder that reimagines how simple blocks are placed to create stunning architecture, structures, environments, and an overall cohesive theme across a server's spawn, game lobbies, maps, and everywhere else. Good builds and architectural style are essential for player experience.

Ongoing Maintenance & Moderation

After integrating your World or pushing your experience live, maintenance, improvements, and a plan to build and retain players through effective moderation and considerations for balancing the economy, increasing replayability, and enjoyability, among others, are ongoing. This is where the real fun and challenges begin as a server operator.

Other or Not Sure

From animators and writers to game testers and more, the [Creator Hub Discord]() is where you can chat with creators to find exactly what you need, get answers to questions, and join a thriving community. Not everybody is sure what to do, which is completely fine! HYTOPIA staff is also here to help.