Item Marketplace

HYTOPIA's player item marketplace is a powerful monetization tool for creators. Players can discover, buy, sell, and trade creator-made cosmetic items such as clothing, accessories, vanity tags, emotes, and more that are viewable globally across all HYTOPIA servers.

We Give Creators the Keys to Monetize

Creators have control over quantity and pricing and limitless flexibility in how their marketplace items make their way into the hands of players:

  • Reward Players In-Game: Give players marketplace items as rewards for achievements, role unlocks, or reaching certain milestones (made easy with our SDK).
  • Sell Fixed Price Items: List individual items for direct purchase at prices you set. Players can buy items with one click.
  • Offer Loot Boxes: Sell randomized loot boxes containing a variable set of items. You control the rarity distribution and box prices.
  • Create Bundles: Curate timed bundles or packs with a predetermined set of items. Great for discounts or themed releases.

Marketplace Benefits & Key Points

Accessible Everywhere:

Players can access and engage with the marketplace across platforms and devices, including in-game, in their browser, or via a mobile app.

Custom Integrations:

Easily integrate marketplace items and functionality into your server/world with our developer tools and APIs. Read more about this in our Development Overview.

Frictionless Transactions:

Players can discover and purchase items without leaving the game or needing to re-enter credit card details for each new server/world from which they purchase items or content. See in-game purchases/store for more.

Visibility and Discovery:

Showcase your creations to a global audience and build a platform. Items are easily browsable by creator, category, slot, and more.

Secondary Revenue:

You earn a royalty percentage when players resell your items. Example: Player A sells an item to Player B for $10; Player A gets $9, and you receive $1.

More information on item types and standards and creating, importing, and setting up marketplace items as a creator will be released shortly!