Verified Teams

Meet the HYTOPIA Verified Teams that have created some of the most expansive and memorable pieces of UGC content on games like Minecraft and Roblox, worked with high-profile individuals, and are all-around helpful and passionate groups of creators. We are proud to have every team work together towards a unified goal of igniting limitless imagination through excellent content and creations.

Each team below is independently run and managed but vetted and approved to solicit business by HYTOPIA's creator staff and complete preliminary requirements to demonstrate well-rounded skills and competency. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before proceeding.

Team List (Alphabetical)

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▬▬▬「 Meraki Studios 」

▬▬▬「 Star Creations  」
▬▬▬「 Meraki Studios 」

Meraki is a game development studio based in Amsterdam. 
We have been a Minecraft and Roblox game production 
business in the industry since 2017. We use Minecraft 
and Roblox as a medium to create games, community events 
and educational purposes.

What do we offer?
Name it, we got it. Ranging from concept writing to 
developing games, we've got you! See below everything 
we offer.

⇨ Development
Our expertise lies in full-stack development, covering 
every aspect you require.

⇨ Art
We excel in bringing your ideas to life through sketching,
model creation, texture design, pixel art, and all other 
relevant artistic elements for your project.

⇨ Maintenance
You read that right! We don't just offer a quick project 
delivery, but we maintain your project too. This includes 
bug fixing, monetisation advice, implementation of new 
features, and even server hosting through our trusted 
partner. Everything is under one roof!

⇨ Management
We take charge of managing your entire project, providing 
necessary resources, and scheduling multiple calls to 
conceptualize and transform your ideas into reality. We also 
help with strategic planning and marketing.

But... why Meraki?
Great question! When we work on a project, we want to do it
well. We work together to create a great result! We believe 
in working collaboratively, involving you in every 
decision-making process. We maintain clear to-do lists 
and tracking boards to ensure organisation and efficiency, 
nice and tidy! Our dedication extends beyond the project's 
completion, as we provide continuous support, address your 
eries, and offer expert advice!

Previous clients
→ MrBeast
→ Intel
→ Microsoft
→ JungleFreaks
→ And many more...
▬▬▬「 Star Creations  」

Our mission and goal is to provide honesty, 
trust, and quality to our customers ⭐

We have worked with over 15 projects within the TOPIA 
eco system and counting. Our teams growth has exploded 
due to our three principles, honesty, trust, and quality 
to everyone we work with! ❤️

What we do

・Full Service
・Strategic Planning
・Website Development
・Game Development

About Us

income: I've been in the Minecraft space for about 6 
years. I own one of the largest networks within Minecraft, 
which averages close to 30,000 unique joins a month, and 
all time user count of over 1 million across two and a 
half years. The network sees anywhere from 500 concurrent 
users any given day. My ultimate goal within TOPIA is to 
bring back trust within the builder program as well as help 
clients build out incredible experience that hopefully 
millions can enjoy!

Previous Clients

Many more....

Verified Team FAQ's

Do I need to work with a HYTOPIA Team?

Absolutely not! It is not a requirement to work with a verified team. Feel free to build yourself, use another team you find, or partner with talent and creators in HYTOPIA's Creator Discord!

What should I know before working with a Verified Team?

You should clearly define what you want for your project. The overall idea, deadlines, budget, and any other specifics you would like on your server! The limit is your imagination (and budget). Be sure to plan well, research teams thoroughly, and consult with legal counsel before entering into any agreements.

Other Resources:

Creators DiscordStop by to chat with the Creator community!

About the ProcessThe basics of building on HYTOPIA



HYTOPIA bears no responsibility or liability for interactions, transactions, disputes, or outcomes arising from engagements with Verified Teams. Any issues that may occur are strictly between you and the respective party you have engaged with. HYTOPIA will not be held liable or be expected to intervene or provide any form of compensation or refund related to such interactions, engagements, or outcomes.

HYTOPIA's aim is to streamline interactions on our platform. It's vital that you consult with an attorney before committing to any contract. Minors, those below the legal age of majority in their region, must have a parent or guardian involved in these processes.