Platform Overview

HYTOPIA is a passion-fueled, free-to-play video game and UGC platform built from the ground up by pioneers at the forefront of Minecraft's third-party modding and games ecosystem. From the first line of code, HYTOPIA is designed to empower an innovative and collaborative community of ambitious content creators. We aim to address the limitations and gaps that bottleneck creative expression within the Minecraft ecosystem to achieve the limitless gaming experience we have always desired.

We poured our passion into the foundation and tools; we invite you to use them to bring the magic and life. Leverage an integrated creator ecosystem and powerful tools, 100% feature parity with Minecraft, and compatibility with existing open-source Minecraft content and plugins to enhance and create all kinds of experiences within HYTOPIA.

Integrated Creator Ecosystem

We are committed to making HYTOPIA's platform a haven for creators by providing the tools, flexibility, and opportunities needed to bring ideas to life in a way that empowers and makes sense for everyone.

HYTOPIA's systems are built for modularity, customization, ease of development, and creativity. Our innovative platform grants unparalleled control to participate in a deeply integrated ecosystem of players and creators. From social features and intricate global cosmetic systems to a robust modern game engine and creator-led governance, we take a creator-first approach in everything we do.

Creator Ecosystem Overview

Minecraft Feature Parity

As a Minecraft-inspired, independent game and developer platform, HYTOPIA prioritizes backward compatibility and feature parity. Our protocol-compatible client allows smoother frame rates, enhanced graphics, modernized UI, and superior UX within Minecraft and HYTOPIA.

Players and Creators can enjoy HYTOPIA's 100% feature parity with Minecraft for a familiar yet enhanced environment. Improve existing content and create limitless new experiences with optimized advanced gameplay that runs more efficiently across all hardware and ensures a seamless transition for your player base.

Content & Plugin Support

HYTOPIA is a seamless extension of your creative process and is 100% compatible with Minecraft server-side plugins. The scope and complexity of the content, object models, animations, scripts, and plugins creators integrate into their HYTOPIA Worlds and servers is limitless.

Popular quality-of-life mods such as heads-up display, minimap, and many others, including significant performance enhancements, are built into HYTOPIA. AAA elements such as lighting are also standard quality options. HYTOPIA offers secure and smooth model and menu rendering systems and a feature-complete modding environment with intuitive APIs to recreate, introduce, and unlock infinitely more custom content and gameplay possibilities.